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Web Programming

It is among the most valuable elements for companies to be able to access data on the internet and to do it safely, quickly and unique. The web design requirements we offer to you as ISDO Software are touching this point and meet all the software requirements that are mandatory for your company. Web software, which can perform many operations such as automation, data collection and sorting, regular report extraction, etc. are prepared by us and delivered to our side in the shortest possible time, with all controls (and technical support facilities).

Web Design

In the rapidly developing and constantly renewed internet world, to work with a team of experts in your field, to be able to appeal to your users with a design that reflects the identity of your institution so that you can take your place and increase your awareness with a sensitive and effective design for all devices. it is at the forefront of internet requirements. Working with a team of experts in the creation or development of your website is an important issue for your organization to ensure its sustainability in the internet world, not only by improving the business volume of your institution. We continue to offer an artistic touch to your institution in our creative works in order to increase your brand awareness in the internet world with the most suitable identity work for the sector that your institution serves.

Online Shopping

We provide support in overcoming the most important problems your business faces with our data integration efforts in line with the ease of use of e-commerce systems and your agreements with other companies.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a dynamic structure that requires different strategies and expertise. In this sense, the fact that your website is located on google and has a good place in search results is not a one-time or instant, but it is necessary to ensure the permanence with a practice that requires competition. ; mk & uuml; n. As ISDO, while maintaining your position in the desired rankings of the targeted keywords in the search engine endings of your websites, it is possible to ensure that your site is not momentary in order to compete with its competitors in a structure that is in accordance with the google algorithm. aims.

Social Media

The conscious management of your social media accounts which is the social side of your organization, plays an important role in raising your brand value. Social media channels are at the top of the list to reach more customers and faster. While the social platforms that everyone commonly uses in the world are becoming more important every day, your organization needs management expertise in social media accounts.

Drone HD Video Recording

With 4K video recording quality, we perform wedding photography, special projects, marriage proposal, promotional films, real estate promotional footage, 4k photo quality and video footage with licensed Plots. Marriage proposals, village weddings, special project shots, and in many more aresas the drone video record priveds to even the most detail to be imaged. Our company, which provides services with the best quality devices to receive this kind of service and make remote vide recording, performs all necessary drone shooting. We serve all kinds of drone video recording including promotional films.


Corporate Services

We are committed to being your solution partner with the experience and knowledge that can reflect your institutional stance in the internet individually. Unconscious work can lead to hard errors, which can be difficult to compensate for your current identity instead of benefit. Professionally designed logo and colors will awaken a positive initial impression of your business. This work is a proposal for a corporate identity study to be used in all fields of business (business cards, folders, notes, files, catalogs, brochures, websites, vehicle dressings, product packaging ...).

Online Course and Distance Education System

One of the most popular lesson systems in the world is integrated into the system. In the lesson panel, everyone can see each other, trainer permissions can be viewed, presentations on the blackboard can be viewed, video notes can be taken via YouTube, text notes can be taken, screen sharing can be done via graphic tablet. The book can be printed on the writing board like Izer. Thanks to these features, the instructor will be able to understand the lesson in the comfort of being next to the student.


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