Distance Education Archive Module

Distance Education Archive Module

Distance Education Archive Module

You can create your own archive with the remote education archive module. You can save your videos to the system, and store them for your students on the platform offered by ISDO Software. This system is a versatile system that meets many training needs.

What is Archive Module?

The distance education archive module is intended for students who miss live lessons. in organisation training you can teach your students live on your platform. You can use these lessons in the time zone you want, you can do it at the venue. You can also inform your students about live lessons. However, if a student misses the online class, they can watch it with archive videos.

When adding videos to the archive, the instructor can make classifications such as class, lesson, unit and subject. Thus, the recorded confusion between videos is avoided

General features;

  • When adding videos to the archive, the instructor can make classifications such as class, course, unit and subject. Thus, it prevents the confusion between recorded videos.
  • Video transitions, stops can be added between videos after they are added to the system
  • Questions for students can be added to videos
  • Students can access the class whenever they want

With these features, no student will be left behind from any class. Also, it can be easily accessed to saved classes via phone, computer, or tablet as well.

Advantages of Archive Module

With the distance education archive module, both students and instructors maintain a more efficient educational life. It is very difficult to take again the lessons learned or missed in school life. However, in the distance education system, using the benefits of technology, this can be possible. If students missed live lessons or if they want to watch, they can use the archive. Besides, it is quite easy to use. All instructors can easily access the archive module and upload as many videos as they want with their user names and passwords. This system also provides convenience for accessing videos.

The only difference between online classes is that students do not have the authority to ask instructors questions and they cannot contact other students. But they can get a quality education. For more detailed information, please contact Isdo Software, and you can ask questions about the modules. If you want to create an internal education platform, you can do this in the highest quality with ISDO Software.