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Drone HD Video Recording

With 4K video recording quality, we perform wedding photography, special projects, marriage proposal, promotional films, real estate promotional footage, 4k photo quality and video footage with licensed Plots.


Drone video records are made by registered devices and our licensed pilots.
Marriage proposals, village weddings, special project shots, and in many more aresas the drone video record priveds to even the most detail to be imaged. Our company, which provides services with the best quality devices to receive this kind of service and make remote vide recording, performs all necessary drone shooting. We serve all kinds of drone video recording including promotional films. It will suffice to apply for the drone shots which are suitable for every special day. By the way you will get extremely successful video footage and these images will be presented as a movie,

Your video footage will be ready for presentation after your video footage has been completed by our licensed Plotters.

Special Project Video Records
Drone video recording is one of the most popular applications for nowadays. Drone tools specially designed for this application are used and all air shots are completed successfully with 4k record quality. These drone vide recording made without any human touch from the air are extremely effective and far more effective than you might think.

Drone Use In Special Project Video Records
Unmanned shots made with a drone do not only apply to marriage proposals or weddings. It is possible to make drone shots for every desired project. This includes special project footage. Drone shots, which can be used in construction advertisements or promotional films that require the remote withdrawal of buildings, are among the most ideal applications for many special projects. Our company, which serves for many special projects, including marriage proposals, draws images with care and does not have any image problems. Our vide records where clear images are obtained with the advantages of 4k quality are specially prepared for the satisfaction of the customers

Marriage Proposal Video Recording
A marriage proposal is one of the most special days for a couple. It will be more appropriate to get a special service for this special occasion only once. At this point, our company, which engages in drone video record with 4k draft quality. With these videos, both remote and close, the marriage proposal will be immortalized and stored safely for long periods This kind of attraction will prevent the marriage proposal from being limited to just one offer, and the images will reveal all the astonishment of the bride-to-be. This advantage is one of the services that need to be taken.

Real Estate Introduction Video Recording
The advertisement is the most effective way to sell a product in our day. For this reason, very large companies allocate at least half of their annual budget for advertising and promotional activities. In this sector where we make our work, we realize many advertising and promotional services with contemporary sub-productions
. We are diversifying presentations for effective marketing, especially in the real estate sector where there is a need. Under normal conditions, photographs are taken at the sale of a land or real estate, a promotion is made with the land title and map image. We change this introduction. We offer effective birds eye videos, where you can make a more effective and satisfying presentation.

Wedding Video Records
Drone-assisted adventure shoots are ideal for weddings taking place in all open air, especially in the countryside. By the way all guests and wedding venues will come together and you will have a more colorful wedding video recording by adding the wedding area at the top and adding it to the wedding videos. By this kind of recird the problem of drawing wedding photos to a fixed area will be removed. Wedding video recording is taken by our licensed pilots and modified and prepared for presentation It will be enough to contact our company to live your wedding as a unique and lasting memory. Our company, which record through the drone and serves a lot of fields, will help you record your fantasy wedding video record.

Promotional Film Video Record
Promotional film is a service that is generally preferred by the companies and is carried out by recording from the air. Introduction film can be used in many areas. These introductory films, where customers are able to identify the company and provide the necessary information, are ideal for many companies, including construction companies. Video recording over the big buildings with drone will bring out very different and special images so that it is absolutely necessary to have a promotional film of this kind and the company should be introduced in a clear way. It is possible to contact our company for this. By the Drone video records your introduction will be high quality and the company will be successfully introduced. Communication with our company will suffice for the promotion film which is very important for your customers.

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