Internal Education Exam and Measurement Evaluation

Internal Education Exam and Measurement Evaluation

Internal Education Exam and Measurement Evaluation

Use the in-house education exam and assessment platform to find out how effective your training is. Exams are always the most effective evaluation tool. It can be applied to personnel as well as students. With the quiz platform offered by ISDO Software, you can make their education more interactive.

What are the Features of the Exam and Measurement Evaluation Platform?

The in-house training exam and assessment platform is particularly useful for staff. Because it allows you to understand how effective their education is, how strong and weak they are. The exams are shared with the staff after they have been prepared by the instructors.

The general features are as follows;

  • Exams can be added to educational content
  • Instructors can take exams at any time. It can also be shared with staff via SMS or e-mail by setting the start and end date
  • Can write and use their own questions when preparing the exams
  • Can make exams as PDF
  • Prepare and share exam reports through Excel
  • When determining exam results, it can also consider education and achievement values
  • The instructor or manager can see the staff's answer sheet
  • Exams are held to assess the strengths and weaknesses of staff
  • Exam results can be notified to the staff by SMS or e-mail address

Within the scope of these features, an efficient test can be prepared. The staff measures themselves, while the instructors can analyze their condition. Exam and measurement evaluation platform prepared with ISDO Software assurance supports in organization education in many senses.

Advantages of Exam and Measurement Evaluation Platform

The in-house education exam and assessment platform contributes a lot to both staff and instructor. The system has a very useful interface. Once the user name has been entered using the home password, the exam may be started in accordance with exam times. Everyone can benefit because unlimited participants can take part in the exam. It's also very advantageous for analyzing everyone's situation from one place. Instructors who want to have an in-house training platform can use this system to contribute to the development of their staff. Depending on the test results, they can make various improvements. You can contact the ISDO Software for more details. You can also perform all your training activities on a single platform.